A total of 44,000 people in Northeast region of North Korea is displaced due to severe flood. Korean Central News Agency reported that Typhoon Number 1o which also led to flooding and damages in neighboring Japan, had collided into a " low pressure area" that had formed in northwest. Storms brought heavy rain from  29th of August to 2nd of September.  The Hoeryong and Rason, cities close to Chinese border also suffered from severe damages made by heavy rain. From Hoeryong, Musan and  Yonsa counties 15 people are missing and around 17,180 homes are either partially damaged or totally destroyed. State media said a "vigorous struggle" is ongoing in response to the disaster. Rescue and search missions have been deployed. The deluge also hit “Onsong, Kyongsong, Kyongwon, Yonsa and Hwadae counties of the province as well as some parts of Ryanggang Province including Taehongdan County,” while the River Tumen reportedly burst its banks and flooded larger cities like Rason. 

The North’s State Hydro-meteorological Administration said the heavy rains began on Monday, with 320 mm of water falling in some regions over the following days. Last year in northeast heavy flood, which destroyed homes near the Rason special economic zone. The heavy rains in 2015 killed at least 40 people and also left thousands homeless. The casualty figures are not final, the full scale of flood is yet unknown, the source warned.  “They may be getting better at disaster preparedness. That has been a big focus the last couple of years with new policies and a new committee that focuses on disaster risk reduction.” 


A photo was taken from www.dailynk.com  







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