North Koreans defect to other countries for political, ideological, religious or economical reasons. The final destination is mostly South Korea through other asian countries since it is almost impossible to cross North-South Korean border. The safest places to North Koreans would go are only Mongolia and Thailand. Mongolian government tries to maintain good relationship with both Koreas and symphatetic towards North Korean refugees. When North Koreans caught by Mongolian officials, they are deported to South Korea instead of North Korea, also granting them a free airline ticket. Although it is the shortest and safest routine to defect, Gobi desert prevents them to crossing in the most of the time. The next country is Thailand. In fact, many defectors surrender themselves to Thai polices as soon as they are arrived in the territory of Thailand. Thailand recognizes North Korean as South Korean citizens because South Korea recognizes native Koreans entire Korean peninsula as citizens. Vietnam, the communist country; maintains diplomatic relationship with DPRK, Hanoi is quietly permitting transit North Korean refugees to Seoul. In recent years, South Korean investment prompted Hanoi to airlift refugees. Vietnam is often identified as an unidentified Asian country.  In July 2004,468 North Korean refugees were airlifted to South Korea. Following the shift, Vietnam tightened border security and deported safe houses run by expats. The other South-east Asian countries such as Laos, Philippines even China used to be safe places to transit North Korean defectors to South Korea, changed its policies towards defectors, deporting them to back to North Korea. Recently the number of double defectors also rising, since North Korea under Kim Jong-un started a campaign to attract defectors to come back home, promising money, housing and employment. 13 of such defection aired in North Korean TV and also 13 is the official number of defectors by the ministry of unification. It is believed that the number of double defectors are much higher. 


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