North Korea calls diplomat defectors as 'a human scum'  after Kim Tae-ho's defection to South Korea. Thae Yong-Ho was a minister of north Korean embassy in London, UK until he defected to South Korea with his wife and children. It is believed that North Korean diplomats in Europe has one mission, which is raise money to support nuclear program. When Kim Tae-Ho defected, North Korea claims that he stole $58 million. Although South Korea says he didn't stole money, that agree that he was one of the diplomats who accessed North Korean foreign bank account.  It also denounced the British government for ignoring international protocol by rejecting what it said were demands to have Mr. Thae extradited back to the North and instead handing him over to the South. KCNA said North Korea had ordered Mr. Thae to return to the North in June to be investigated for a series of crimes, including embezzling government funds, leaking confidential secrets and sexually assaulting a minor. Also in June, a minister who worked in 20 years in Europe, went missing with his children. South Koreans identified him as Kim Myong-Chol, a minister who was responsible of European funds. Last year, employee of Daesung bank of China, stole high amount of money when he went missing. Another case is an employee in Singapore, who was responsible for 10 billion won, ran away. In August 2014, director of Daesung bank of Russia, took $5 million and defected to the third country. This June, banks of Switzerland froze accounts who is connected to North Korea. In result, foreign diplomats of North Korea, accessed high amount of money. Also Yang Mu-jin speculates that high pressure to North Korean diplomats made them ran away. 


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