Foreign workers are great resource of foreign valuta and financial support for Kim Jong-un's regime. Since North Korea is banned to exchange foreign valuta by UN's ban, they are finding foreign valutas by sending workers to abroad. The estimated number of foreign workers are 90000 in around 40 different countries. A country has the most North Foreign workers is the Russian Federation. 25000 workers are estimated to be working there. North Korean workers are inexpensive. They donate around 80% to 90% of their salary to their state and send rest of the money to their family.  North  Korean workers in Mongolia is contracted by their government and the employee; therefore, receive free accommodation, three times meal per day after sending all of their money to their government and to their family back in North Korea. Around 2000 workers are working in Mongolia at the moment. Mongolian government informed that they promised to the DPRK government to increase North Korean workers upto 5000. In construction field, they receive around 200 USD meanwhile the minimum wage in construction field in Mongolia is 280 USD. Employees don't even give their salary to the workers. Instead they give their salary to the supervisor from North Korean side. The supervisor said that we give necessary money to the workers. In our country everything is free including schools and hospitals. We even give food aid to our people. Thus our government don't need their money.(laughed). The supervisor even banned the workers to go outside, most likely preventing them to escape. One of the workers said that I came here to work. I don't know when to go back. He even admitted that he is like a volunteer middle of the conversation. According to one member of parliament of Mongolia, he doesn't know well about this, since he doesn't know what kind of contract they made in the first place. It is highly believed that North Korean workers rights are highly violated even the salary is reduced after some time.  One of the worker said he cannot send money to his wife and children since the salary reduction. They work mostly in construction sites, factories, restaurants  and medical clinics. The working hours are 12 to 14 hours per day and even the food quality is very bad. Many human right activists are trying to improve the North Korean labors' condition in Mongolia. Since we cannot go inside and protect human rights in the DPRK, at least we should protect their rights in our soil, one of the activists said.


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