After three years of fighting from 1950 to 1953, the war ended with armistice agreement. Since the North and the South Korea never signed the peace threat, officiallythey are still at war. The Demilitarized zone, 4 km wide, 250 km long strip of land, separates DPRK and RK. The zone was intended to be temporary, but we know the fact that zone became the border. Between DPRK and RK.  Former U.S. President Bill Clinton described the demilitarized zone as "the scariest place on Earth." There were several foreign countries attempted to meditate talk between Koreas after Korean war, such as in 1970 the Australians, Pakistan prime minister Bhutto, non aligned Algerians, Gorbachev, the last leader of Soviet Union. Each of them, tried to meditate a talk between them; however, they were blocked, rejected and accused. Inter Korean dialogues were held in 1972-1973, 1984-1985, 1990- 1991 and inter Korean summit in 2000. From North Korean side, Kim Il-sung was always yearned for reunification in military term. In 1997, after the death of late Kim Il-sungKim Jong-il announced that he would continue his father's policies towards reunification.  In 2000,  The sunshine policy was introduced by Kim Dae-jung, and the first time since the Korean war, the two officials shook hand. It was introduced with three phase:  

  • The first phase-  increased cooperation through inter-Korean organizations (while maintaining separate systems in the North and South) 

  • The second phase- national unification with two autonomous regional governments 

  • The third phase- finally the creation of a central national government. 

However, the unification process is slowed due to north Korean nuclear issue in 2010 and difference of political and economic term since 1940 






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