"Seoul will continue to seek international collaboration to change North Korea" 


From 16th to 17th July, Mongolia hosted the 11th ASEM Summit of heads of States and Government. The two-day summit brought together top officials from more than 51 countries in Mongolia. President Park Geun- Hye called international cooperation to press North Korea to give up it's nuclear ambition 

"The world is still vulnerable to endless threats from terrorists and North Korea's nuclear weapons," Park said. "The world should take joint action to make North Korea give up its nuclear development program. It is threatening the world with more nuclear tests despite international sanctions." 

The president's main message was spread of the free trade and inclusive growth of the resumption of the ASEM's economic minister's meeting. "The chair's statement includes the content strongly condemning North Korea's development of nuclear arms and missiles, and calling for the full-scale enforcement of U.N. Security Council sanctions resolutions (against the North)," Kim Kyou-hyun, senior presidential secretary for foreign affairs, told reporters. 

She called for Laos's encouraging role in dealing with issues like the North Korea's nuclear threats. Laos maintains historically good relations with North Korea. Talks with Laos will not only establish bilateral relations with Korea but also other countries as well. 

The president also called Vietnam's support in backing the policy towards Pyongyang. Starting from last December, Korea-Vietnam free trade agreement took effect.  They discussed ways to expand strategic ties including new energy, information and communications technologies, and health care. 


Also Park is having bilateral talk with Mongolia. 


The talk ended up discussing more about Myanmar's human right issues. 










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