Overview of North Korean education system:

North Korean education system is designed to turn out disciplined, devoted citizens with a heavy focus of group over the individuals and above of all the devotion to their supreme leader. Education in the North Korea is universal state funded by the government. The national literacy rate for citizen is almost 100%. Currently they have 12 years of educational system that resembles South Korean educational system which is six years of primary school, three years of middle school and three years of high school. The system was introduced in 2012 by Chief Kim Jeong Eun.

History of North Korean education system:

After North Korea was formed, the education system was heavily modeled by Soviet Union's system. It can be seen from ten years of education system and red ribbon around their neck. In 1950, the primary education became compulsory; however, due to Korean war, it took effect fully on 1959. Following the same year, education became free to all citizens including instruction and educational facilities, textbooks, uniforms, room and board. In 1967, nine years of compulsory education system was introduced. By 1975 eleven years old education system became compulsory. It consisted of one year in kindergarten, four years of elementary school and 6 years of secondary school.

Quality and subjects of North Korean education system

In people's ( elementary school), they study mainly politics and from secondary school, the subjects apart from politics take their meaning like music, art or foreign language. They offer computer training in the electronic library. However, they do not have personal computers in their homes and the chance of using computers in the workplace is very low. In 2015, a subject named "Kim Jon Un's revolutionary activities" is added to school curriculum. Though, literacy skill is being taught, indoctrination is the main focus.


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