Ready for a long walk? Mulmangcho is hosting their third annual DMZ walking tour for Korean, North Korean, Korean-American, and international students! This week-long effort will inspire interaction; conversation, education, and exercise for all that participate.

Experience and hands-on learning are proven to be the best ways to encourage learning and retain information in learners. The organization hopes to use this as an opportunity for participants to really understand the experience of North Korean refugees and their fight for freedom.

This will be the ultimate camping and hiking experience as students will hike and camp along the demarcation line between the Democratic Republic of North Korea and the Republic of South Korea.

The walk begins July 20, 2016 starting in Paju on the North and South Korean demarcation line. It continues to Yeoncheon and Cheorwon crossing over 150km of land. The trip lasts seven days ending on July 27th.

This looks like an amazing experience that can be once in a lifetime. Good thing for you that Mulmangcho organizes this trip every year, so your participation can make an enormous impact on all those involved now and in the future.

Past participants have returned to relive this experience and encourage others to make the trip again along with them. Past participants made claims of being able to truly understand the thoughts and minds of North Korean refugees as well as the hardships in which they experienced.

Lasting friendships have been made by participants. Remarks by some participants showed joy as well as eye opening and life changes through their encounters and interactions with other participants. Students who have not had the experience of having close interactions with foreigners or North Korean refugees avidly enjoyed the experience and felt it was necessary to understand the mission of Mulmangcho.

To participate, just click on the link below to download and fill out a registration form.

Happy Travels!




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